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Grace Friedman

Flowering From the Heart

To grow a garden and flourish from the heart is a spiraling journey through cycles; daily cycles, moon cycles, sun cycles, fertility cycles, and the great cycle of life. When the garden is well tended through the seasons, thriving and flourishing are increasingly possible. I invite you to come nourish yourself, connect deeply, and tend the garden of your life with me so that we can cultivate beauty and leave a trail of flowers everywhere we walk on this earth. 



Grace Friedman

I am a carrier of songs and seeds, a keeper of wisdom and birth;

A moon dancing, tree hugging, life loving woman of the earth.


Private Sessions, Classes, Workshops, Travel


Private Sessions

There are many ways to slow down, settle the mind and gain clarity. From a clear place, you can deliberately choose what you want and cultivate your life.

It would be my honor to walk with you and offer 1:1 support as you step into your power and radiate your unique light as a gift to yourself, your family, your community, and humanity.

Classes + Workshops

Come explore topics of interest in a group setting.

Let's build community with other like-minded souls and see what magic unfolds as we settle the nervous system, attune with nature, and explore life-affirming, exciting, inspiring topics and practices together. 

Novel Travel Experiences

Explore your inner and outer landscapes through one-of-a-kind travel experiences that you will not find anywhere else guaranteed.

Give yourself the gift of new perspective; reclaim your ability to move in harmony with all of existence and to live with reverence for this precious gift of life.


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