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Salvador, Bahia

Salvador, the vibrant heart of Bahia in northeastern Brazil, captivates visitors with its enchanting blend of rich history, cultural diversity, and natural beauty. As the first colonial capital of Brazil, Salvador boasts a wealth of architectural treasures, with its UNESCO-listed Pelourinho district showcasing colorful colonial buildings, cobblestone streets, and ornate churches dating back centuries. This city is a melting pot of Afro-Brazilian, indigenous, and Portuguese influences, evident in its lively music, eclectic cuisine, and vibrant festivals, including the world-famous Carnival. From the rhythmic beats of capoeira echoing through the streets to the warm hospitality of its people, Salvador offers a captivating tapestry of experiences that leave an unforgettable mark on all who visit.


Saturday June 29 - arrive in Salvador (no group activities planned)

Sunday June 30 - city tour with lunch included, candomblé worship house, samba night

*Breakfast and lunch included
Monday July 1 - open air market, cooking class, night show and dinner 

*Breakfast, lunch and dinner included
Tuesday July 2 - Independence Day celebration including parades, music performances, traditional dances like capoeira, and colorful street festivities, uniting the community in cultural pride

*Breakfast included

Wednesday July 3 - Leave early morning for a much more tranquil atmosphere on the beach in Serra Grande

*Breakfast included

Image by Marianna Smiley

Pricing & Accommodations

What is included:

- Airport pickup in Salvador and transportation to Serra Grande

- Three days of fantastic cultural immersion, learning and fun

- Four nights shared accommodation in double rooms at our guide's home, which is also a well tended airbnb

- Seven meals total including breakfast and other specified meals

What is not included:

- Flights, some meals, snacks, souvenirs, personal excursions, tips

**Transportation from Serra Grande back to Salvador is NOT included. Please be aware that you might want to choose to fly home from Ilheus, which is a different airport!**

Investment: $820 before April 29 // $920 after April 29

**This price is ONLY for those participating in the full retreat!**

Our Host & Guide

Explore Salvador with a local who lives, breathes, dances, and deeply prays the Bahian ways...

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